The company was born in 1986 and it’s specialized in the following activities :

  • Manifacture, and assembly of industrial installations, offshore rig, equipments
  • Maintenance activities on offshore business
  • Supply of equipments for offshore business.
  • EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction)
  • Pipe lay on shore.

The first projects on shore was on ’80 when the company realize many important job of pipe laying in Sicily (Methane line from Roccacavallo to Serra di Vito, oil line from Galliano to well GA18, various oil line to link wells RG64/68/69 in Ragusa area). Important contracts for industrial installation (assembly activities) was awarded in ‘80/’90ty (FIAT plant in Melfi (PZ), ILVA plant in Novi Ligure (NO), oil storage tanks in Gela (CL)).

In the off-shore business the list of projects done is very long (Offshore reference list). All jobs done on vessel / platform of Italian or International main contractors. Even many accommodation upgrading activities was carried out (Accomodation Upgrading activities) on Saipem Scarabeo 7 and Saipem Scarabeo 3. Even steel structure prefabrication activities and assembly on board, piping replacement or new construction, derrick revamping or derrick construction and erection. All those activities was carried out abroad into the customer yard, by our personnel and local personnel when needed.